Angry Birds Go To Mars

Angry Birds On Mars

Unless you’ve been living under a large rock you probably know about the landing on Mars of NASA’s Curiosity Rover. The unmanned mission to Mars was one of NASA’s most complicated feats of engineering and space exploration yet. The most amazing thing about the whole mission for me was the way that the Curiosity Rover was lowered down on cables from the main landing craft…

Why Is Angry Birds So Popular?

Playing Angry Birds On Smartphone

Unless you have been living in a hole recently, you will know that Angry Birds is a game that has taken the mobile world by storm. It seems that everybody and their dog who owns a Smartphone already has this game installed on their phone and are no doubt enjoying it on a daily basis. So what has made the game so popular? Let’s take…

What Will The Next Angry Birds Game Be?


The Angry Birds games have taken the world by storm, they appear on almost every Smartphone right now with a plethora of different ‘settings’ in which to pit your rather angry birds against those pigs. However, there is only so far in which you can take a game of this nature, however, there have been indications that Rovio intend to take a different stance on…

Rovio Plans Theme Parks In China

Angry Birds Theme Park China

When any franchise is popular it is inevitable that people will want to cash in on the franchise as much as possible, and what better way to do that than opening up Theme Parks and shops based around the concept? That is exactly what Rovio is planning to do with their global mobile franchise. These Theme Parks are planned to be launched in China this…

What Games Are Like Angry Birds?

Crush The Castle

If you’re looking for games that are similar to Angry Birds you’re not alone. Lots of people try to find games like it every day. The popularity of Angry Birds has caused the inevitable army of clone games, most of which are very poor imitations. But long before Angry Birds there was a game called Crush The Castle which is pretty good and very similar…

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